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Judith Bell – How to be Happy

On our quest to find out more about happiness we went to meet the wonderful Judith Bell, head of Rewire Leadership, an expert on interpersonal relationships. She works with clients including NASA, helping people to work better together by giving them the tools to improve their wellbeing.

Here’s Byron interviewing her in Marin, California.


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Devising at the Bikeshed Theatre, Exeter

Here’s a taste of us spending a week mucking about in a space provided by the lovely people at the Bikeshed Theatre in Exeter. Development time and space really helps us develop the show and try out ideas, most of which get rejected, especially Byron playing guitar.


Dan Haybron – Experience Machine

Another really fascinating guy we met was Dan Haybron – Philosophy Professor specialising in Happiness. Here’s a clip of our interview where he poses an interesting dilemma.

Full interview will be up soon.